The Wedding Photographer

The Wedding Photographer

Otto Motal was a wedding photographer in Washington state for about 50 years. During that time he shot scores of weddings and portraits. After his passing, the cameras that he used came into our possession, along with a number of rolls of black and white film. These are notable because they were extremely long, uncut rolls of 35mm PlusX and TriX films.

When we realized that these shots were taken with the Leica Reporter 250GG, we decided to scan them to see what kind of look that a professional photographer could get with a vintage 1940's rangefinder camera and flash.

Below are the cameras that Otto used to take some of these amazing photos. The cameras in the photos are part of our permanent collection and are not currently for sale, but you can enjoy the photos!

Some of the wedding shot highlights are below. They're a fascinating look into the weddings and family moments of Washington in the 1960s.

High res scans of some cool wedding shots can be found here:

We hope to add to the folder as we can scan some of the remaining rolls, so check back in a few weeks for more. For a larger folder, click the link here to view the dropbox.


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