Film Developing

We offer IN SHOP film developing, scanning and photo printing.

Updated 4/28/2021


C41, E6, Black and White and custom film processing.

Film sizes processed: 35mm, 120 Medium Format, Kodak Advantix

Some other films can be processed, but scanning services may be limited.


Yes! We develop Seattle Film Works film!

Yes! We develop Disposable Cameras!


Yes! we also offer mail-in processing. You may post your film to be processed (along with any instructions for push or pull, or print requests) to our shop address:

Seattle Film Lab

12316 Lake City Way NE

Seattle, WA 98125

Please Do Not contact the photo lab by telephone. The lab staff are super busy processing your orders. Use our email at and the next available lab tech will respond asap to your request.

Please include a telephone number or email address for correspondence about your film developing (if needed) and kindly allow 1-2 weeks for completion via eMail or up to 2 weeks for a postal mail return. 


Disposable cameras welcome, we process all types.


Our Photo Lab rates are below:

Unless otherwise requested, we develop, scan and email as a default.


C41 Color Process and Emailed Scans per roll or disposable camera: $16.97

C41 Process ONLY per roll $10.97 (only dev. negatives will be returned no scans or prints included)

C41 Process, Email and Print 4x6 photos $22.96 per roll

ADD 2.95 for Push / Pull per stop


Black and White Process and scanning per roll or disposable $19.92 - Each roll is hand developed and specially formulated to suit the film type. This price reflects the 16.97 processing fee plus an additional $2.95 processing charge for added materials and time.

Black and White Processing ONLY (only dev. negatives returned - no scans or prints included) $13.92 

Black and White Process, Email and Print 4x6 photos $25.91


E6 Process and scanning per roll $19.97 (7 Days turnaround in most cases)

E6 Process ONLY per roll $13.97 (only dev. negatives returned no scans or prints included) (7-10 days)

E6 Process, Email and Print 4x6 photos $26.95


Seattle Film Works (SFW) or ECN-2 Film $17.95 per roll -  this includes develop and scan to email.

SFW or ECN-2 Process, Email and Print 4x6 photos $24.95


Scans Only (this service will be available as time allows)

35mm - Processed on our Noritsu scanners $10.97 per roll

120 - Up to 6x9 Processed on our Fuji Frontier scanner $12.97 per roll

Odd sizes not 35 or 120 - as quoted by lab tech if possible.

WE NO LONGER SCAN 110 films - Please email the lab for a referral.

WE NO LONGER PROCESS 'souped' or 'destroyed' films

All files emailed with delivery via Dropbox. Turnaround time is generally 3-5 days for most processes except for E6 (we request 7-10 days processing time for E6)

Image prints - $.39 per 4x6 photo print. (DNP Photo Prints)


PUSH/PULL requests

Black and White $2.95 per stop

Color C41 $2.95 per stop

E6 $2.95 per stop


SOUPED or Lomo 'destroyed' films - At this time, we have suspended processing of Souped films. These are films that you have modified by dipping in chemistry as found on the Lomo websites. Unfortunately we are not getting enough regular dropoffs to justify the chemistry use.


Process details:

We process using only the best chemistry available directly from Kodak and Fujifilm.

Our 35mm and 120 developing is done on one of two restored Noritsu V30 MiniLab machines. We develop Black and White by hand and custom tailor to your developing requests (offering push and pull for B&W)

E-6 Chemistry is run once per week approximately on Thursdays, but we will hold the run until at least 10 rolls of E6 are present for developing due to cost of chemistry and process. 

Photo prints are industry standard DNP dye sub prints.


Film Retention Policy - We hold all negatives and online digital files for a maximum of 30 days from date of processing. This allows you time to either come in person, or arrange a mail-back of your film negatives. It is ultimately your responsibility to facilitate the retrieval of your film negatives and/or prints. Please pick up your negatives/prints or download your digital files promptly. Any items left beyond that period are subject to recycling or deletion.



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