We are happy to report that FILM is alive and well! Many companies still produce both the films, and the developing chemicals, insuring that the hobby will remain in supply for many years to come!

We're very proud to be an official Kodak stocking dealer, as well as official dealers for CineStill Films, Polaroid Originals (Impossible Project), Japan Camera Hunter's JCH films, Holga, Astrum, Candido, FujiFilm, Ilford, PancroBerger and many, many more! In the future we hope to carry even more photographic films and chemistry choices for you, and we're working hard to create those relationships.

Our aim is to provide the best price possible and fast direct shipping from our Seattle, WA warehouse, so order with confidence! Give us a try and you'll be glad you did :-) Thank you for supporting the film community!!

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