Voightlander Bessa-T Body


If you're wanting to experience the joy of owning a Leica M-Mount body, but you don't quite have the budget for one, give this camera a try.

A Voightlander Bessa-T has always been a great way to experience a rangefinder camera without breaking the bank. They give you a lot of 'bang for the buck' in the form of upgrades like a built in light meter,  a magnified viewfinder with built in diopter (adjusts to your vision) and a well made shutter. All of this comes in an easy to handle, lightweight and good looking body.

This Voightlander Bessa-T has been film tested. Should be a nice daily user for some lucky buyer. Comes as shown with the original Voightlander body cap. A small piece of felt has been placed on the viewfinder as protection for eyeglass wearers. Can be easily removed before shipping upon request.

M-Mount Version!

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