Rolleiflex 2.8 B (K7B)

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With production numbers around 1000 units, the Rolleiflex 2.8 B is already a rare bird. These were only manufactured between 1952-1953. They are scarce to find in nearly any condition, but this one appears to be in good user shape with medium wear.

Sporting it's rare 2.8 aperture 'coated' Zeiss Biometar lens, you'll get consistent sharpness to the outer edges of the photograph. This differs from the more common center sharp Tessar, yet still gives you a very pleasing look. Street photographers in the know will gravitate to this lens, while portrait photographers might lean towards the more common Tessar.

Overall condition is usable with some wear - The hold/lock switch is missing but this will hardly affect it's daily use. The shutter timing sounds correct and looks to be in good shape. Winding is good, counter works. Focusing screen is reasonably clean and clear for it's age, but the mirror shows some scuffs. The lenses are both generally clean. A few small dots on the taking lens, but these could likely be cleaned. They did not affect the test roll that we put through it.

Other notes: Leather is worn/thin in some spots, back opens and closes as normal, winder and dials all operate as normal. Focus is smooth, no cracked glass or parts that can be seen.

If you have been looking for one of these Rolleiflex 2.8 Biometar series, this will be your best chance to pick one up for a good price. We've made it low enough to leave some room for a full CLA from someone like Harry Fleenor. The lowest price of one sold on eBay that we could find in the last year was $1,900, current pricing suggest these to be more in the realm of $2600-3500 for ones that are currently available.

There are a few articles on this model camera - links provided below:


Camera comes as shown, but also includes it's original leather cover.


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