All Camera 'Hippie Strap'


Ahh, the famous Hippie style camera strap. These are fun when you find them at thrift stores, but they can be smelly, dirty and itchy from anything your imagination can conjure. BUT through the modern miracle of the internet, you can have your very own NEWLY made and lovingly sewn, cotton Hippie Strap delivered right to your door - without the age old cat hair and dandruff. :-) Available in several color schemes.

Order these early, they are shipped directly from the maker and may take an extra few days to reach you during the holidays! Est. delivery 7-12 days.

Fits most SLR and DSLR cameras
Lanyard width: 1cm/0.39inch
Lanyard Length: 33cm (adjustable 2-33cm)
Strap length: 74cm/29.13inch

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