Kodak GOLD 200 Film

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Kodak Gold 200 Film in 135/36 Exposure Box.


As a direct Kodak dealer we can now bring you this great film at an incredible price.

About this film:

Kodak Gold 200 is a low speed, color negative film that offers the ideal blend of color saturation, high sharpness, and fine grain! When it was originally designed, it was created for general/everyday situations during daylights hours or with an electronic flash. This film stock also features wide exposure latitude – from two stops under the recommended exposure and three stops above.

Among it's other qualities, it tends to give a warm soft feel similar to that of the Portra line of films. It's a low cost film that is really nice to use as an alternative to the higher priced professional films. Many wedding photographers prefer the look of the Kodak Gold stock to others. It's a great film to try!

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