Kodak ColorPlus 200 SALE $3.47 per roll Special

Save 42%


Fresh date Kodak ColorPlus 200 Film in 36 Exposure Roll

This is a great film for all of those sleek little point and shoot cameras that you just bought for your summer trips. Pop this in and get gorgeous saturated warm tones for all of those beach selfies and adventure photos.

You can not beat this price anywhere on the internet for fresh 36 exposure Kodak ColorPlus 200 film. We have about 200 rolls set aside for this promotion, and when they're gone - it's back to $5.90 per roll so get to ordering people!!

Orders over $49 can use the code FREESHIP for free shipping, so you can even combine this offer with a camera or other films and take advantage of the $0 USPS shipping within the USA.

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