Hasselblad 500c Kit

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Hasselblad 500c 'transition year' kit (has the removable screen like the 500cm)

This one comes to us from a 30 year owner and has been cared for extensively. He reported that it had a recent $800 full CLA from a local camera shop. This included seals and lube on the components. It works well and all speeds appear accurate. Both lenses are free from any fungus or heavy marks. There are some light scuffs and scratches consistent with age of the camera, but they are just cosmetic blemishes. A near fully restored medium format camera.

This is one of the smoothest working Hasselblad cameras that we've run across. It would make an excellent daily shooter, and looks good to boot.

Comes with the look down finder as shown and two lenses.

The lenses included in this kit are the Carl Zeiss 80mm F2.8

and the Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150mm F4

The camera comes with a single C12 back, and it's original leather strap.

Complete as shown in photos.

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