Fukkatsu 110 Black and White Film

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Limited Availability - 110 Film is Back!

Fukkatsu 110 Black and White 100 ISO / 24 Exposure

(FYI, we do develop 110 films in house)

The Japanese word fukkatsu means "Resurrection, Rebirth; Revival; Restoration" and is composed of the word fuku meaning "restore; return to; revert; and katsu meaning life, life giving, lively. From films reborn comes a 400 speed Color Print 110 film with paper backing (unlike the the Lomo and Ultrafine entries) and for the more sophisticated 110 cameras out there that can actually read the cartridge tab, it will sense this as a 400 Speed.


Other big name film sellers have this listed at 12.97, but we're offering it at a blowout price of just $4.99 while supplies last. Don't miss it!!

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