Fujifilm C200 35mm 36 Exposure film


FUJI C200 - Cyber Monday SPECIAL


Regular price $6.97 UNreal price deal at $3.99 per roll!!

Prices good from Dec. 02 - Dec. 24, 2019 or sellout

America's favorite 200 iso film - in 36 exposures!

Hi all, and thanks for checking out our website. We are striving to bring you the best films at the best prices from all over the world! This Fuji C200 is one of our staff favorites, and is one of the best selling films worldwide. C200 is sharp, It's colorful, it's beautiful, and it's getting more expensive!! Fuji suggested retail pricing is over $10 now!!! 

Buy this in bulk for next summer's adventures. Store it in your fridge. Quality film at this price just won't last. 

Think about it, 10 rolls is just $39.90 !!!!!

Only 500 pcs available. Hurry!!!  

Ships fast from Seattle, WA to the world. 

We do reserve the right to limit this sale. First 20 rolls will be 3.99, afterwards we will decide wether or not to fill larger orders. For orders in excess of 50 rolls give us a call at 206-466-6365 to confirm. 



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