Pakon F135 Scanner with Digital Ice


Great scanner for film photographers! These vintage photo lab scanners are prized for their quality scans, and ability to scan entire rolls of film quickily, and without cutting. A great upgrade if you're having difficulty with dust on your flatbed scans.

Special note - these USB scanners ONLY work on Windows XP, so you either have to purchase a vintage computer with XP, or run Windows XP in an emulation program on your Mac or modern PC. This unit has been tested and comes with a CD of the necessary programs (PSI and TLX Client software with drivers) to run on your copy of Windows XP.

Check out the Pakon User's Group on Facebook, as they are a wealth of knowledge, manuals and software download links. We use three of these in house, and they are simply great.

Only one left, don't miss it!

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