Canon L2 Black with Canon 50mm 1.4


This is one seldom seen and gorgeous combo!

A great alternative to the much higher priced Leica cameras, the Canon L2 with it's thumb lever film advance and selectable rangefinder frame-lines was quite a technologically advanced 35mm film camera for the 1950s. It competed directly with the Leica and higher end German cameras of it's day. 

The Canon 50mm 1.4 m39 screw mount lens was often harvested to use on other cameras and is seldom around when a body comes in. The body on this one has had at least a single repaint and touch ups. It looks lightly used though and the rangefinder is clean and clear. It has had a reported recent service by Camera Quest and functions well at all speeds. 

The selectable frame lines give you 50mm AND 35mm - as well as a simple rangefinder coupling for many other lenses. 

Film tested and ready to go. Comes as shown with both camera body and lens. 

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