Alpa 11si Set with Kern 1.9 lens

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WOW. This is one set that you have to see to believe, when this Alpa IIsi camera set came into the shop we all gasped.  Kept in storage for about 40 years, before being passed down to relatives.

Determining price for such a rarity has been a bit of an obsession for us. Comparing this to ebay sales. Every single one sold on that platform has got problems. Dented rings on the lenses, body scuff and damage, unknown issues... This body is perfect, lens is excellent, a true rarity by condition alone. We've film tested it, the test photos were gorgeous.

We've set what we think is a fair price on it as an entire set. We know that the lens is the most sought after part, and if you only want to buy the lens, then you can submit a request via email to We will consider those requests later if the entire set is not sold. Typical ebay sales of the lens alone are $1,800 in poorer condition to $2,800 in better shape.

CollectiBlend Average Index help

Very good
Body only $1700-1800 $2200-2400 $4000-4200
With lens $1700-1800 $2200-2400 $4000-4200


We're going to make this a blowout deal at $2,900 for the set as shown with all of the accessories, the lens and the boxes and manuals pictured below. 

Don't miss it!

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