Leica MP Silver 0.72


Introduced in 2003 the Leica MP took the vintage styling of M3 and brought it into the modern era with an integrated TTL meter, combined with top Leica build quality. Leica went so far as to market the camera as 'Mechanical Perfection' in promotions and ads.  Visit their site to see the page that still exists here - https://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/Leica-MP

Legend has it that you can still buy them new, but try asking around at Leica stores around the world and see what you can find for sale? Nada. Nothing, SCARCE is what one representative called them.

Buy this Leica MP now and enjoy it for a lifetime.  Comes as shown with inner box and original Leica body cap. Condition is very good, lightmeter is lit and functional. Inner frame lines are very clear and bright. Tiny bright lines on silver body from previous owner, nothing deep or scarring. Just good honest light wear.


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