Konica C35 35mm

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  • The Konica C35 is a great compact point and shoot camera for the vintage camera shooter. Solid images, small size makes it easy to grab and go, Konica optics are sharp and have good character.
  • 38mm f1.8 six-element Hexanon lens - 49mm filter thread
  • Coupled rangefinder - baseline 12mm
  • CdS meter (15-30 DIN, 25-800 ASA)
  • Self timer
  • Closest Focus - 0.9m, 3ft
  • Copal seven-speed shutter
  • Shutter-priority automatic
  • Speeds - 1/8 - 1/500
  • Lever wind, double-exposure prevention, resetting frame counter
  • Bright line finder
  • Needle indication of aperture visible on right hand side of viewfinder
  • Auto Flashmatic system with indication in viewfinder
  • Width 112mm (actual 120mm with strap lugs) Height - claimed 70mm (actual 75mm) - Depth 60mm
  • Weight 410g
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