Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid Retro Edition Disposable Camera


What? A NEW color film disposable? YES!!!

Many of our customers will be too young to remember Ilford color 400 iso film, but in the 1960s the company known for it's black and white film stocks, issued a color film known as Ilfocolor.

All the photos we've seen of it had a very vintage look, so we're super excited to shoot this new disposable and we'll post updated photos as soon as we get the first batch in. 

For now, we have the disposables only, but we'll keep you informed if they release it as a standalone film stock. WE HOPE THEY DO!

This is a little bit of a pre-order and our stock is expected to arrive on July 28, 2021 - we will ship as soon as they arrive in store. 

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